Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back from Bahamas

I lost my luggage! Out of all the people flying on my place, guess whose luggage they lost? Mine. Yes, that's right I am back from our Mission Trip To Bahamas. It was no vacation at all. We worked every day from early morning till 2am setting up our Venue, doing our Concert, and then tearing down 50,000 dollars worth of equipment and then packing it back up in a u-haul truck. I got to hang out with 11 other high schoolers that are some of the coolest most talented kids I have ever met. Our mission was to help out a ministry known as Karazim. We were the main feature band for the WORSHIP WEEK CONFERENCE.


- Going to the Beach Once
- Eating Conch
- Watching Kevin (homeless) get long term help
- Dancing during Behemian worship services
- Seeing Lizards everywhere
- Riding "Discovery" Cruise (just kidding, never ride this boat)
- Leading Worship Every Night
- Riding home alone on bunch of planes
- Losing my luggage

Alright, so that is my update. I hate looking back in life, as you can tell by my short post. I always want to be looking forward to the next thing God has in store so much so that I have no time to blog about what has been done in the past. I'm a full steam ahead type guy I guess, but it is also good to take time and remember the faithfulness of the Lord. He once again was faithful on this trip to reveal himself to me through a man named Raul. More about Raul is to come...

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