Friday, August 1, 2008

Real Beauty

An illusion is never as beautiful as the real thing. To all my sisters in Christ, escape the illusion of outward beauty and focus in on a Proberbs 31 type woman. Beauty is fleeding but a heart for God is priceless!


Anonymous said...

ggod to see this. was hearing something on the net that women get less happy as they age because their lives are not valued as much....the beauty does start to fade. it is too bad our society focuses SO MUCH on looks. even Christians get caught up in this....

Dominic said...

Whoever "anonymous" is, I will say this to you. Most women on the interent are not grown up. If someone is beautiful, they will never not be beautiful. Beauty is not in looks, it is in character.

Therefore, if a person is beautiful they will always be beautiful. Most women on the internet do not know what love or beauty is, for if they did then they would not be on the internet venting their stupid biases in blogs or surveys.

There are beautiful people out there. The problem is that we are so stinking lazy here in America, that we stay still and dont reach out like the body of Christ should. Theres your answer.

Plus so many main line Churches are filled with women who act like children. Or maybe why I can write these words is because I have been hanging out lately with someone who actually is an adult woman.

Anonymous said...

(I'm a different anonymous)

It is true that the culture is force-feeding us an outright lie about beauty.

Being a woman myself, and having a background in youth ministry, I can tell you that sometimes it's not enough to just tell a woman (or girl) what beauty should be and that she is beautiful for reasons besides her appearance.

You have to teach her, and show her. If you're a man, you have to treat her respectfully and like she's a valid and important person, If you're a woman, you have to show her by example and encouragement.

I agree, Dominic, that the internet is an outlet for people to "vent their stupid biases" so to speak . . . but not many souls will be won or hearts spoken to if you just tell people they're being stupid (not that you are aiming to do this, but I know people who have).

You have to show women (as well as men) that you value them for who they are as a person created in God's image. Sometimes you can even use words. :)