Monday, November 19, 2007

That's What Love Is

The following is a video of one of my favorite male singers singing one of my favorite songs, entitled, "That's What Love Is".

It’s the only thing worth life and death. It’s the first moment and the final breath.
It’s a broken heart keeping a solemn vow
And a lost soul being found.
You pray for faith when it’s hard to believe.
You choose to stay when it’s easy to leave
And when hope is gone you’re the one who keeps holding on.


That’s what love is When you give until there’s nothing left
And it makes you give the very best. That’s what love is.
It can make you laugh and make you cry.
It can let you down and lift you up so high
When you find the only reason left to live.
That’s what love is.

It’s the dream you give up for someone else.
It’s being strong when you’re weak yourself.
Though it tears you up you trust again.
Hatred loses and forgiveness wins.
You turn your cheek when you want to fight.
Sell all you have and lay down your life
And when hope is gone you’re the one who keeps holding on.


It’s reaching out and holding on so someone else will know. Love is in the not letting go.


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Melissa_Loves_God_4-ever said...

Wow that was so hit close to home I could relate to that song it was great

(Thanks for your insperation Jonathan)