Monday, November 12, 2007

Letting Go Of Lesser Things

Underneath the stars, the following was birthed. Too many people I know are settling for less. They love their careers, schooling, family, reputation, recreation, sports, cars, etc. at the expense of thier relationship with Jesus. The great lie Satan uses on believers is that freedom is found when we fulfill our desires. I have found the exact opposite in my life. It is only when I die to self, what I want, and how I feel that I find true freedom, peace, joy, and surrender. So, for me in this life, I am letting go of lesser things, and picking up the banner of Christ Jesus and waving it high, sold out for the One who died for me. Join me. Don't settle in this life for what the world tells you is success. His glory truly is our joy complete! I hope the following meditation and song I wrote will be of encouragement to you...

Vs. 1
Thy Grace has returned my wondering heart, and brought it back home to Thee
Wrong was I in believing that Thou art lesser than these things
Throw me not, nor disregard me, but allow thy favor to be my delight
Persuade my heart that Thou art worthy for my all, my soul, my entire life.


Your Glory is my Joy Complete
Making much of you and less of me
I'm letting go of lesser things
Until you become my everything

Vs. 2

Soul of mine, recant the past and wonder away no more
Though her voice be sweet, and kind hear nothing but an empty allure
Regard the cross, recall thy Savior and demand his grace be sufficient for Thee
Walk on regardless, 'till His face you finally see

Vs. 3
Lesser things shall have no home in a heart inhabited by Thee
Only peace, joy, happiness when God glorified in me
Disapointed in pleasure, fulfilling myslef, lonely prodigal me
Until my Savior simply said, "My glory, Your Joy Complete!"

Vs. 4
Hungry for more, yet settling for less, was going my way, He beckoned none the less
Seated at my picnic, now seated at His feast
Hand over thy simple pleasures, enjoy heavens feast
From His own hand, the Master serves, until I am satisfied
Nothing else shall ever compare to eating by his side


Melissa_Loves_God_4-ever said...

WOW Jonathan I love how you can make the littelst thing and make it into a wonderful work its great! WAY TO GO Jonathan!!!!

I Love it!!!

Melissa_Loves_God_4-ever said...

I needed to read that again it has just inspired me this week Thanks!

Dominic said...

Indeed. The male side of the Church has been killed off in this day and age and our generation is left to suffer. If you don’t know what I mean by the "male" part of the church, I mean the non-emotional, non-feeling promoting philalial part of the church has been killed off. I watch a lot of scientific studies and have talked this matter over with women before, as well as my mother who is truly a Godly woman. And she agrees (and knows) that it has all become about our feelings and our desires and the like. I don’t like writing this harsh truth and you can call me sexist when I am not being sexist at all and am not sexist in any way. I just choose not to stuff my ears with cotton and put my hands over my eyes when God speaks. I am used to it. But as Jesus says, "He who has an ear let him hear." So inclosing yeah, you are completely right about people saying that what I feel and since my desires confirm it then it is God is too rampant in the Church. It’s all become about the outside of the cup. When it stops being like that then THAT is when God can move. He will not do anything that we do not let Him do in us, and the Church shapes the face of the world. Therefore as long as we continue to abandon sound doctrine and live in continual rebellion the world will not change, they will not see Jesus. And I mean truly see Jesus, not just see someone who can say a bunch of words and fill the environment with noise. Why do you think that so many Pentecostals loose and blame everyone else and not embrace maturity, which requires inwardly looking. You see, they are still looking at the outside of the cup, which is Pharasitic.

Sorry about all the words, but I don’t want to lie to you.