Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sweet Serenity

Sweet Serenity - written by Jonathan Seller

Oh the depths of present calamity
My mind is fixed on future’s uncertainty
Will troubles find the alter of serenity
In the midst of pain, and growing hostility
Unless I rest in the lack of my ability
And turn to Thee in all nobility
For strength and rest in relentless tranquility
Let waste, not I, in self proven depravity

For You alone can provide solemnity
For the weary heart, there is security
To find in Christ, His vast sufficiency
So Bold I come, with all authority
To offer praise with all audacity
For my mind is full in dark complexity
Yet you are Sovereign in all simplicity
Cause my heart to find humility
Before I find my own sanity
For it is here you show your gravity
The glory of God in sweet serenity


Melissa_Loves_God_4-ever said...

WOW J-man thats great thanks for your insperation :D....this is a grat pome/words of advice! nicely writen its great!

Jess said...

Awesome job!

Dominic said...

Hmm! Very good, very poetic. You should try an Aaron Weiss style where you compose your poem into a song.