Friday, September 14, 2007

Goodbye Razor, Hello iphone

Yes, today was a bitter sweet.

Bitter - I have laughed, cried, sent texts, lost, found, dropped, caressed, and cherished my Motorolla Razor for the last year now.  It has allowed me to stay in contact with the people I love.  Everyday my Razor has nuzzled herself up to my left ear, and allowed me th
e pleasure of hearing many different voices.  We have also pressed our lips up against each other at least once a day as I speak into her, cry into her, laugh into her, or my favorite... whisper into her.  She never lets me down, but she has on occasioned dropped me.  But I would just wait a little while and she would find her way again and we would be off talking in no time all throughout the night (especially nights and weekends).  We would talk for hours (450 minutes a month, to be exact), share our darkest secrets together, make fun of other people behind their backs, encourage each other, and pray together.  Razor has been apart of my life up close and personal.  She knows everything about me.  But it is time for us to part ways.  A new girl is in town, and her name is Ms. Iphone.

SWEET - Today is our first day together.  Actually right now I am syncing her with my c
alender, music, video's, and contacts.  She in a matter of minutes knows more about me than Razor ever did.  She will be my new friend for the next two years.  I am looking forward to our journey together, I only hope that I will communicate well with her, and her with me.  I look forward to running with her as she sings to me, I look forward to sending her letters through her attractive unlimited email and web access plan, but most of all I look forward to walking around the malls with her, holding her in my hand, and watching all the other guys wish they were me.  ahhh, "Iphone, thanks for being you!"


Anonymous said...

Well so much for this blog being deep and spiritual. Yes the iphone has taken over your brain now as it has so many. She may live on forever!

Anonymous said...

Ms Iphone would you please whisper in JSell's ear that he has work to be done, souls to be saved, and the Lord's work to do. Hope that he remembers that, yes you can tell him.

NOMAD said...

Thanks for causing me to covet, preacher man. Now I need to go to repent. Sweet phone..A.

Melissa_Loves_God_4-ever said...

Wow....Ms Iphone J, sella loves you very much but it says he will have you for 2 years where do you go after those 2 years???....Ms Iphone you rock man and also Dont let J become to obsessed with you though you may rock lol. Iphone tell J hes is a fool for blogging about his phone thought you are a cool one but still crazy lol.