Thursday, September 6, 2007

Taste Buds, Andy McKee, and Learning How to Ride a Bike

I find it intriguing that we have tastebuds. Here's why. We don't need them. Taste buds exist primarily and soley for pleasure. God could have created a door in our stomachs for us to manually shove food in, shut the door, and we would be full. Why didn't he do it this way?

Think about your ears. Have you ever listened to a song that created such an emotion in you that you began to cry. Have you noticed the variation of tones, rhythems, and genres that create differnt emotions. (note: Andy McKee)

Isn't it intriguing that one man's noise is another man's worship song.

Think about your eyes. Have you ever witnessed a dad teaching his son or daughter how to ride a bike, or watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition
when the family yells out the sweet sounding words,
"Move that Bus!".
Something happens to us.
It doesn't matter your race, background, culture, or religion, something happens to us. It is in these moments that we find we are all the same. We are God like. We were created for pleasure. His pleasure.

So relish Him, feed off him, and find that God is most glorified when we taste and see that the Lord is good. Psalm 34:8

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