Thursday, September 20, 2007

Words on Words

I find it amazing that everything that is, everything that was, and everthing that will be finds it's origin in the spoken word of God. "In the beginning God SAID..."

Needless to say, or should I say needless to speak, Words are Poweful, and yet the Bible teaches us that "Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks."

Words On Words

written by: Jonathan Seller

Words are small, words are mighty, words reveal me, words describe me, and the wrong words haunt me. I can keep my word, and I can break my word. I can write my words, express my words, swallow my words, and give my word. And I can speak my words. And I speak often of that which I do not know. I speak to be understood, I speak to be heard, I speak to make others laugh, I speak to make others cry, I speak to hurt, and I speak to heal and who decides the weapon of choice except the giver of words, which God’s word says is the heart. Am I defined by my words, or do my words define me. Even when I am silent I withhold words for it is in giving to silence that I admit the power of words. When I am discouraged, I long for a word, a word of hope, a word of comfort, a word of peace, anything that could heal. When I am happy, I give words, words that exhort, words that encourage, and words that edify. Can a ship be driven without a rutter? Can a heart be expressed without words? Words are the outward symbols of the thoughts within. A word begins as a thought, and is revealed as a word. Thus, even in Creation the power of the spoken Word is seen. In the Beginning God SAID… In the beginning was the WORD. Are we stewards of words. Are we speaking creatures because of a speaking creator. Are we image bearers in this regard? If so, my words have power. Power to create, and power to destroy. Power to give life, and power to kill. Power to heal, and power to make sick.
Speaking words are of comfort to me, a release of frustration, a sye of relief, a cry for hope, a prayer to God and all this with these things called WORDS. Words are a gift, a power, a pleasure, a weapon. Words give hope, loss, despair, comfort, heartache, love, pain, and joy. Words are powerful and words reveal me. So May it be as God’s Word, the only Word that really counts says, “May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing to you, O God”.

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"words they just get in the way..."