Monday, August 18, 2008

Just an idea...

I don't know about your church but our church sends out what's called "THE BEACON" every month. It's basically a church newsletter on steroids. I had this idea. What if "THE BEACON" had some theological reflections from Senior Leaders of our staff pertaining to the health, mission, and ministries of our church. It just dawned on me, that I don't know of any church that prints out a publication to their congregation every month where the congregation gets to read articles from "ALL" the staff about what God is laying on their hearts. Of course, the weekly sermon is the platform the Senior Pastor gets to Vent, but what about the rest of His Staff? By producing a "LEADERS CORNER" type magazine and sending it out monthly to your congregation this is what it will accomplish:

1. Multi-perspective on issues
2. Help introduce new comers to all the staff of the church
3. Affirms the Leadership of Your Church
4. Shows that the Senior Pastor is not the only one with brains and passions
5. Brings unity within the diversity of your staff as they talk about different issues pertaining to the same mission of your church.
6. It can be a way to recomend further growth, and resources to your congregation (ex. Children's Pastor writes about Parenting and then recomends a book for struggling parents to read)
7. It constantly re-enforces the vision and mission of your church as long as each article references in their designated topic the reason for their topic and how it relates to the Mission of the Church.
8. It shows your people that you aren't slackers, but rather thinkers. (A lot of people have no respect for Pastors because they only see what they do on the weekends and they think they are lazy throughout the rest of the week)
9. Concise articles written by known people on relevant issues produces great results.
10. In each article depending on the topic a call to Mission to your congregation can be made. (ex. The Worship Pastor writes on a topic entitled, "Why do we have a church service on Saturday?" In the article he shows how conducting a Saturday worship service does not hinder, but rather enable the Mission of the Church to go forward. At the end of the article he encourages people to come check it out.)

Right now, I am proposing this idea to my Senior Pastor, as I recommend all of you young whipper snappers do first as a way to honor not undermine His leadership. I hope to be the monthly author of a column called, "NEW SONGS" - Taking Ps.98:1 literally!" In this article I plan to introduce the congregation to a new song that we as a church will be singing. The article will include: 1. The Lyrics, 2. The Reason We Are Singing It, and 3. When the next time as a Church We will be singing it.

Just a thought...
Let me know what you all think?
Would you read a journal style Magazine that was written on various subjects although pertaining to the mission of your church written by your Pastors?


Kristi Amstutz said...

I think this is an excellent idea!

But that is merely the opinion of an eighteen-year-old....

Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

I think that would be awesome! I think it would be a great way for people to learn more about the inner workings of our church and what we're truly all about. I think the song column you're talking about is a great idea too, because it makes people take the time to really be aware of what they are singing about and not just going along with the rest of the congregation. I'll be praying about the possibility of this publication, because I think it would be a really good learning tool.