Wednesday, July 9, 2008

3 Cool New Things

Hey All,

I just got back from Chicago for a freind's wedding at (get this) Narnia Estates. It was exactly like it sounds.... "Enchanted". I think I saw Aslan...

Anywho, it is good to be back in the office blogging. I am still getting use to the fact that I actually have a blog. But this blog will make it all worth it when you find out about these 3 Cool New Things:

1. Red Box

In Port Huron, we have our "Red Box" in our Kroger grocery store. I am not kidding when I say that there is no start up costs and each and every DVD you rent is only 1 dollar. Plus the first one is free if you put in this code: JC10LK

Go check it out... oh and your welcome!!

2. V-necks

Yes that's right. V-necks are coming back in. I just went to Forever 21 and bought my first one. It's grey and if you are lucky you may see me sporting it soon. I never thought I would own one of these dangerously low beuties, but I am a v-neck convert. Go get yours and we will sport them together. (My friends and I are touring in Bahamas for a worship conference in a couple weeks and guess what we all bought and are wearing?)

3. Daniel Renstrom "Let Us Love and Sing and Wonder"

I found this new artist out through a friend and now I can't get enough of this one old hymn that he sings. It's called, "Let Us Love, and Sing, and Wonder". Go to itunes and do yourself a favor and buy the whole CD. It only 6 dollars. I love it! I very rarely love a CD, but I love the combination of artistic ability with crazy weighted theological content. The Blog is over, so go buy it now!


Jon said...

We are getting a Red Box at Wal-Mart very soon! Rug Doctor Out--Red Box In. Yeah!

Anonymous said...


Great to have you this weekend at not only at Narnia, but also the Fiske Estate at Reedwood. Glad you're liking Daniel Renstrom...hope to talk again soon!


Dominic said...

I really dont like it when new artists take something that someone else created and make it their own. But thats me. Maybe its also because I am an artist and if someone were to take my creation and change it a little and call it their own I would be mad. Guess I am just putting myself in the author's shoes. If you want more of my thoughts and the thoughs of others about this, then check out my blog at Http://

Oh yeah and you didnt know about hte red box at Kroger?