Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Flesh and bones we appear, but do not be decieved.

All of us are so much more, beyond what you can see.

Past the flesh, beyond the bones, and into the inner sactuary of our hearts, all of us will find a cluster of wounds that make us who we are. At least that's what I have learned in my 22 years of being wounded. None of us are exempt. All of us will be wounded. The more we give, the more we can get taken advantage of. The more we love, the more we can get our hearts broken. The more we care, the more we will be hurt. But my question is...

Where is God in our wounds? Is he watching or causing? What's he teaching us? If God does everything for a purpose, than what's the meaning behind our wounds?

I can't say I have arrived at an answer, and I probably never will. But a few honest things I am learning from my recent wounds, I now confess to you...

1. When I am wounded I find out who I truly am. Fragile, used, tainted, beaten up, broken, undone, and unworthy.

2. When I am wounded I find out who others truly are. Selfish to the core. A whole lot like me.

3. When I am wounded I find out who God truly is. Gracious, caring, our Rock, our Constant, our Refuge, our Friend, our Wounder, and our Healer.

So, though I fear saying I am a big fan of being wounded, I must admit the glory of God seems a whole lot bigger when I'm lying flat on my face. So I beg the question to God, and God begs the question to us:

"To be Wounded or not to be Wounded"

Which would you choose?

I choose to be wounded... No actually the Scriptures have been teaching me, "God has chosen to wound me; to wound us."

"Come, let us return to the Lord.
He has torn us to pieces but he will heal us;

he has injured us..." (Hosea 6:1a)

Why would God do this to us?

"... but he will bind up our wounds." (Hosea 6:1b)

If God's wounds on us are successful, we will end our lives stripped of everything but God, totally naked and helpless, utterly dependent on Him. When Christ prayed in the garden, "Father, let this cup pass from me, but none the less Father not my will but Yours be done", was he asking God to spare the wounds? Does that mean that we can ask God to spare the wounds? Does God always spare us His wounds? Aren't you glad God didn't spare his own Son the wounds? I don't want God to spare me either.

So this is my prayer:

So take me to the alter Lord, past the gates of pride,

Into the Father's secret place of woundedness supply,

And as you lay Your Wounded hands on this frail foe of flesh,

Take into consideration thy loving grace and give me what is best.

Leave me not to myself, lest I forget thee,

and when I pray for the wounds to stop do not listen to me.

For your will be done, just as Your Son's wounds have made me clean

So take your servants every desire and beat me all for thee

In Jesus Name,


p.s. If you are looking for more on this subject, check out Shane and Shane's new Cd "Pages" and look for the song called WOUNDED.

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Melissa_Loves_God_4-ever said...

Cool and wanted to share this with you that is on my pro it was a qustion!

You're trapped in a well with a goat and a slinky. Describe how you will escape......
(My anwser)
Well First I would Make the Goat fly out and then I would take the Slinky and Throught it up and Once I get to the top punch the person who put us down there in the face....well maybe not brat up but ask why they put us down there and also I would then share GOd with them and they become saved and we all lived happaly ever after with our flying goat named Jonathan.

you are a flying goat lol!