Monday, October 29, 2007

Evansville, IN

Alright, so you all have been wondering where I have been. I have been on this Godly thing called VACATION! As a Pastor I get two weeks off a year. So this year I decided to go visit my best friend, and college roomate, James Bonney and his wife Nikki in Evansville, IN.

My Vacation Highlights:

YOUTH GROUP - James is a youth Pastor at a small church in the middle of nowhere. He loves every kid and they love him. I fell in love with them in just the short time I was there. They are all so cool! (shoutout to Mavis). We visited their highshool and they about lost it! I spoke twice while I was down there to both the Junior and Senior High. I also got the oppurtunity to sing a solo, and lead worship for their annual Missions Celebration.

SMALL CHURCHES - I love small churches. Everyone feels like family, and every little thing is a huge deal. For instance, this is a picture of the three Pastors moving in thier brand new photocopier. They were so excited, it was hilarious! As you can see I was big help. (Shout out to Pastor John and P. Tim... just admit it Canadian's are better bowlers)

SWITCHFOOT - One of the nights we were in Evansville, Switchfoot was in town, so James and I decided to go. Reliant K opened up for them, and they were pretty good, but nothing compares to the sweet sounds of Jonathan Foreman singing "We're Awakkkkkkkeeennnning!" It was amazing. In this photo, Foreman came out in the audience with a string of lights while singing "On Fire". I loved it. I was peeing my pants with glee. Afterwards, James and I decided that we were going to start a band.

NASSY GORANG - James and I cooked up his special Thai recipe of Nassy Frekin' Gorang. It was so delish I wanted to shove my face in it. I got the recipe so if you ever want to come over I'll cook you up some. You will die, it is so good!

Nikki's Pink Kitchen - I have never seen a kitchen like it. Everything from the cutting knives to the serving thing a ma jigs were pink. Nikki loves pink big time. I didnt really mind much, because her cracker chicken was incredible. Thankyou Nikki. Oh and thanks for always cooking us cookies! I for sure gained like 20 pounds this past week!

SOUTHERN SEMINARY - Lousiville, Kentucky is about 90 minutes away from where James and Nikki live, so James and I took a day to check out one of the Nation's top Seminary's. I loved it! We even got to have an interview with Dr. Fuller, who is the author of some of the leading Hebrew Text books out to date. The cafeteria food was also awesome! That's the main thing to look for when your checking out schools.

So, there you have it. Some of the highlights from my vacation. We did tons more, but I have so much I have to be doing right now besides blogging. Okay maybe one more... than I gotta go!
I Love ya all that read this though!

CHARLIE - Have you ever seen a Movie where the dog is always humping a certain somebody. Wel, that was me this week. James and Nikki have a dog named "Charlie" and he would not stop. He really liked me... (if you know what I mean). I tried to take a picture of it, but as you can see he wouldnt stop "moving". This is Nikki pushing him off me. hahaha Good times!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Melissa_Loves_God_4-ever said...

Thats cool.....I love how you have the picture of the 3 pastors moive there new copyer and you said you were a big help and I didnt see you helping.....but man I miss James he was fun!