Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Law of God? Over or Continued?

Before you throw out the Law of God and think it is so O.T. and therefore not relevant.
Comprehend this. Those who followed the Law LOVED it. We often think that the Law
is heavy and binding. Go and talk to any Orthodox Jew today and they will tell you that
they love the Law. Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of the Law. What this means both for a Jew
and You and I is that Jesus lived out the Law's demands perfectly. Did he do this begrudgingly?
I don't think so. This also means that Jesus didn't come to do away with the Law but to see it
reach it's end and purpose. The Law not only is a school master to lead us to Joyful living, it
also reveals for us our shortcomings. Jesus fulfills the Law on our behalf, not that we may live
like pagans but to live under the Laws of God so the freedom that comes by obedience to them
might be for our benefit and the glory of God.

For more reading on the Jewish perspective of God's Law.
Read PSALM 119. It has 176 verses, written in a Hebrew Acrostic Poem,
whereby in every verse "LAW" is mentioned.

After reading ask: "Do I avoid the Law" or "Do I embrace it"


Anonymous said...

A question?
If the law continues why we obey only some laws and not all. I have thought that it's good, but shouldn't we obey or follow all the law? or we just have to say that law is over and we are under the grace? I really confused about this.

Jonathan Seller said...

Jeremiah 31 talks about how one day God would write his law on his peoples hearts. Today we observe the wisdom of the Law, but we are not bound by it's cultural limitations. We apply the spirit of the law but no longer out of legalities or obligation but out of gratitude and love for what Christ has already made available to us through his death and resurection on the cross. The Law is profitable for knowing the requirements God expects from us. Only Christ fulfilled the whole law to the 'T'. He many times would quote from the OT which basically by doing that said that the LAW still has value. However, other NT passages teach us that we are no longer under the Law's demands but Christ's.