Monday, January 12, 2009

How involved should the Senior Pastor be in Worship Ministry?

I've been a worship Pastor for about 2 years now. I can't stress the importance of having a Senior Pastor understand that his department of the church is "Worship". There is no preaching department of a church... but there is a Worship Department. James MacDonald, Senior Pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel said that he see's their weekend worship services as the furnace in the middle of the warehouse. Understanding that the furnace is not the work in the warehouse, but without the furncace the work stops. We want to stoke the flame of people's affections toward the Lord every weekend. Life is tough, spiritual growth is tough, that's why when we gather on a weekend together for Worship it is the supreme responsibility of the Senior Pastor and the rest of the Worship Department to put out a God Glorifying, Soul searching, Joy filled memorable experience that would welcome a fresh encounter with God. I pray this for Venue every weekend.

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