Thursday, September 11, 2008

Imago Dei

Read: Genesis 1:26-31

Think: What is the apex of God’s creation? You are. Before you write this off as some feel good pick me up, let’s see if this can be supported Scripturally. Go get your Bible, and turn to Genesis 1:26-27. What does it say? God has stamped on you his image. What other creature on planet earth, or the whole universe for that matter, has God placed his identity? God has chosen man, both male and female to rule and subdue the earth in such a way that reflects his image in the way that He rules and looks after the earth. Because of the fall recorded in Genesis 3, our image has been distorted. The rest of the Bible records God’s pursuit of restoring “Imago Dei” (Image of God) back in humanity. The fullness of our identity is fully realized in Christ who takes on the “Imago Dei” himself and models for us what living life to fullest really looks like.

Be: Today, as you go throughout your day, begin to ponder the ways that God takes care of his creation. Thank Him for your identity as being an image bearer of God. Thank Him for sending His Son, Jesus Christ to model for us how to be “fully human”. And today, look forward to the day when God restores us completely and places us back in the new Eden, namely, Heaven!

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Dominic said...

I remember this one. Good point. It take
people out of their defeated mindset and gives them worth. Also, I did not know this Church had WiFi? I just made an account and I am using that account to comment on your blog.