Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Worshiping Worship

Worshiping Worship - Written by: Jonathan Seller

Oh how subtle this modern allure
How worship becomes our self indulging cure
Dressed in white but black beneath
A worshipers confession of songs sung only for me:

Echoes of glory on Sunday I hear
And traces of majesty don't soon disappear
But I am not mistaken and neither is He
This is not for Him, it's simply for me

I savor on the melodies
Relish in the symphony
Raise my hands in familiarity
To a King who's no longer a mystery
He's brought down to my reality
Only to give him my idolatry
My selfless self sufficiency

It is I the King of Glory
The recipient of these songs
It is I the great magician
who fools the crowd but only so long
My secrets are revealing now
My illusion has now appeared
Those that believe I'm giving praise
Take heart, "Consuming" is what you hear.

Every line of every song
Describes Him but serves me
Every note on every page
I've hijacked selfishly
They serve my feelings
Deep down inside
Where true worship occurs
For self to Thrive

Basking in the created
And leaving no room for Him
For this "worship" is immediate
A thrilling temporary whim...

There was no God in church today
And that's quite okay with me
I haven't missed His presence
And I never miss a beat
I'll keep singing sweet familiar songs
As long as I grow old
Describing the wonder of His love
And never knowing it in whole.

Oh how I pray for those that lead worship every Sunday. Woe be to us if we exalt the means over the end, worship the created (music) rather than the Creator, and fall in love with a Heaven and care less if God were there. Our Worship must come from the power of the Holy Spirit as he hides us from the familiar, shakes us into reverence, and causes our hearts to delight in the person of Jesus and the accomplishment at the cross. To this end we labor: for our affections to rise and our motives to fall. Truly, He must increase, and We must decrease in order for our songs to leave the ceilings of our churches and reach the heart of God.


Anonymous said...

Awesome to know that you are wanting more of Worshiping God and not just wanting to lead in song. How I appreciate the beautiful and well written words of your heart. May God bless you as you Worship HIM. Only Jesus Jonathan can satify our souls, and His love will be our comfort. As I reflect on your past, and your future, I pray that God will support, sustain, and replentish your life with His Goodness, Grace, and Give you more songs of Praise for His Glory!!!

Dominic said...

But we do exact the means over the ends more then less. I mean i look and we have it timed and and scheduled. When has it been when we have just let go and let god take over. Why do we conmtinually stand in the way? Rebellion. No reverence. For if we had it we would stand in absolute awe of Him. We would be in a state of wonder. Think about it. When was the last time when we just stood in wonder. Leave the Bible out of it, leave your own selfish thoughts about your own life and how you wonder what God is going to do with and in you and just wonder about God.

Anonymous said...

you have spoken so true about what is happening in many churches, "churchanity". It so good you wrote this. so very good. thanks, good writing, too.