Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Jesus In An Ipod Culture (part 3)

So the Gospel may not be enough to change the world? What else do we need? And if we engage our culture what are we engaging them with. A fresh form of ethics. A new way of being a better person. Your best life now. Or is it the only thing that brings about change, you know, the old time undisputable, undefeatable, all consuming, never changing Gospel of Jesus Christ. While we seek to engage our ipod listening, star bucks drinking, tv watching culture... don't be intimidated by the fear that the Gospel of Christ may be too simple for our time. It maybe outdated. For in my findings and in my own experience, it has been the Gospel that has been the only thing to bring about true Change. Forgetting the Gospel will only produce moral, ethical, heaven loving Christians. The very people that Jesus said, will say to him, "Lord, Lord". And he will say, "Depart from me, for I never knew you!"

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Dominic said...

The Gospel is enough it is us who are such craptacular witnesses that cause others to not see Christ. God speaks to people through people, and God is never changing, thus He will always speak to people through people.