Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Gospel in an ipod Culture (part 2)

I was sitting in my office last week, wrestling with the Lord. Yes, wrestling, fighting, arguing, making my case, and then listeing to His. I asked the Lord in light of my own short comings, if the Bible really works? Being a product of pragmatism, I like you want to know if the Scripture really works? I'm not asking if it's true. I'm asking if it works. Right here. Right now. In my shoes.

Here's how I know it works. I am being changed and I can't explain the power that is working in me except to say it must be divine. It must come from a source outside of me that has somehow invaded me and is presently indwelling me and changing me from the inside out.

I know the word of God is sufficient because in all my moral attempts, and my ethical boot strap tries, I find the same conclusion. Depraved people are just that. Depraved. I can not give something I do not possess. I can not be someone I am not. I need something outside of myself.

The frustrations of our own personal failures to be good boys and girls is no different than that of our co-workers, family members, and freinds. All of us want to be good. We want to think good thoughts about us. We want to be thought of as nice people.

Your not. I'm not.

The answer for our ipod culture is not to tell our people to work harder at it. Or think the right thoughts. No! That is empty ethical, moralism that leads to death or pride. We need Jesus. He alone is good. Which means he alone, when indwelt in a believers life can do the same inside of them.

When we are done trying, the Holy Spirit just might says, "Now that your done, let me step in and see what I can do..."

If you want to know what really changes you. Get in the Scriptures, get real close to Jesus, and listen to the Holy Spirit.

Sounds old school, but it's the only thing that works from the inside out!


Anonymous said...

You go Jonathan, ya preach it brother!!!

Anonymous said...

Amen to this, Yes it is the scripture's living in us, you are getting it, you are really doing well. I am so proud!!!