Monday, December 3, 2007


I am listening right now to a powerful message from BETH MOORE, one of my favorite woman speakers. If you are a lady and you haven't heard of BETH MOORE, you need to go listen to her. Her daughter and I were friends at Moody and trust me BETH MOORE is the real deal.

Check her out at:




Melissa_Loves_God_4-ever said...

Wow...she is a good speeker!....that was a good message!


Dominic said...

It does not matter a person’s gender, it matters their annointing and the authority they carry. Sort of like people who look at women who have children and say because those women have children that they are strong women of God. That is not true at all. Status does not make a person a strong Godly person. Food and drink does not make a person a strong Godly person. It is not about the outside of the cup, but the inside which makes a cup dirty or not. REAL women of God are individuals who radiate the character of Christ through who they are, not that they have children or are femanin. I recently listening to some dynamite worship done by women and I almost cried because they were the real deal, they were REAL women of God which is too rare it seems. The reason is that they were singing completely selfless songs that are too absent in worship assemblies. I long oh so much for there to be real women of God once again in the Church.

Sorry I just really felt I had to write that to you.